Calgary Brewery calendar 1911

I was sent this photo the other day, it is a nice early calendar and could possibly be done by A. Hider, a famous Canadian artist, who did a number of items for the Calgary Brewery.  I do not know who owns the calendar, but a sharp eyed friend sent me the photo as he knew I would like it.  Nice to see these early items still surfacing.  Keep looking everybody.



One thought on “Calgary Brewery calendar 1911

  1. This calendar is now in the George Chopping collection. It is a Hider. I purchased this piece in an auction in 1998. When I asked if any one had seen one was told it was a common bird one. Traded it to Friend Mac Provick , where it has been untill George purchased it recently. So far it is the only one to show up . That’s it’s history so far.


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