CCBA Convention 2017 Winnipeg

It was a great time at the convention this year, one of the best ever.  We visited 10 breweries and a distillery and managed 4 nights in the hospitality room.  There was also a buy, sell and trade show and a banquet.  Calgary Marlene took some nice photos and I am posting a few of them here.  Here is the whole group at Trans Canada Brewing.

2017 convention crowdMarlene doreen and Dave at half PintsMarlene, Doreen and Dave Rudge (owner of Half Pints Brewing)hospitality room 2017

Winnipeg Dave and me in the hopsitality great city group

Marlene, James, Brendan, Mike and Al at One Great City BrewpubBarrys apron

Wearing a Labatt’s apron from a few years back, being an oyster hoister is awesome!

We had 8 attendees from Alberta and it was a great time.


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