A renewal in an old hobby?

alaskan beer cansWith all new breweries canning their products today, will the hobby of beer can collecting start expanding again?  There are a lot of beautiful cans coming out and these examples are newly released from Alaskan Brewing.  Most breweries in Alberta are canning today, but still using stick on labels, I predict a number of them will switch to lithographed cans in the next few years.

Advertising after prohibition

Lethbridge Trolley CardWhen prohibition ended in 1924, Alberta had a few years before the government banned beer advertising in 1928.  This item must be from 1924 until January 1927 when Lethbridge brewery changed the name of the beer from Alberta’s Pride to Lethbridge Beer.  This cardboard sign was used on public transit at that time and is a very rare item.

From the days of prohibition

Chinook Stout IMG_0488On July 1, 1916, the Alberta govenment instituted prohibition.  The breweries responded with some brands of near beer.  Calgary brewery named  their beer after the warm wind that softens winter on the prairies.  Although the beer never sold well it is nice to see a few examples remain to remind us of that strange time.

Rare pottery from long ago

Previous to the start of World War one in 1914, a lot of pottery beer mugs were imported from Germany.  Alberta breweries ordered a distinctive shaped mug or glass called a beaker in the sales literature.  Calgary Jim recently obtained a nice example from Lethbridge Brewing that is imprinted with the  Alberta’s Pride brand.  Beside it is an example of the exact same shape beaker from Golden West in Calgary, I wonder  if other Alberta breweries also used this style of advertising mug.  Keep looking!

Sorry about the beer can in the photo, I could not figure out how to crop the photo, but it is a nice can as well from the Port Dover motorcycle show.