New labels from Alberta

Calgary Steve sent me some photos of new labels from Calgary breweries, here are two from Ol Beautiful and two from Annex.  Amazing how many breweries we have in Alberta, 69 at last count, with 15 more in the planning and licensing phase.  It will certainly keep label collectors busy!


New find news

Lethbridge globe (2)Photo of the Lethbridge beer globe that I always thought must have been out there somewhere. Very rare.  Thanks to Spencer Wheaton for sending me the photo.


Here are a couple of speciality labels from Hells Basement, they were small issues and no longer available, I will have to pay closer attention and try and keep up with the Alberta micro labels.  Since the explosion of breweries in Alberta, I have not even been able to try all the beers let alone try and gather labels from them all.  hells basement special labels

CCBA Convention 2017 Winnipeg

It was a great time at the convention this year, one of the best ever.  We visited 10 breweries and a distillery and managed 4 nights in the hospitality room.  There was also a buy, sell and trade show and a banquet.  Calgary Marlene took some nice photos and I am posting a few of them here.  Here is the whole group at Trans Canada Brewing.

2017 convention crowdMarlene doreen and Dave at half PintsMarlene, Doreen and Dave Rudge (owner of Half Pints Brewing)hospitality room 2017

Winnipeg Dave and me in the hopsitality great city group

Marlene, James, Brendan, Mike and Al at One Great City BrewpubBarrys apron

Wearing a Labatt’s apron from a few years back, being an oyster hoister is awesome!

We had 8 attendees from Alberta and it was a great time.

A few photos of the England Tour

Here are a few photos of our trip to England to visit historic sites and mostly tour breweries and taste different beers.  I can usually enjoy one tourist site a day, but am able to visit many breweries and pubs without being the least bit bored.  It is great that Terry and I were able to travel with the BCCA group as they all seem to have the same ideas.  Below is a photo of a beer toast to Stonehenge with the sun shining through the stones.  Awe inspiring place  to visit and they sell their own brand of beers there as well!Stonehenge

Palmers breweryHarveys brewery

A photo of the tour group at Beer Beach, yes they have a town named Beer in England and we found it!  It was an awesome trip and well worth it, I would highly recommend touring with us on the next trip wherever it may go!beer beach photo


I was recently able to add a bottle from Medicine Hat Brewing in a trade.  It is from the temperance era (1916 – 24) and since the brewery went out of business is 1917, it is from a very small time period.  It now gives me a bottle from each of the brewing companies of Medicine Hat.  Saskatchewan Brewing 1882-189?, Medicine Hat Brewing 1911-1917 and Medicine Hat Brewing 1925-27.

I got the bottle from a collector in Edmonton, who had a display at the Wildrose show this year, check out the photo.  Hopefully we can get Edmonton JR out to one of our meetings in the future.

Growler Collection


I have always thought that growlers would make a great collection but they would take up a lot of room quick.   Hell’s Basement brewery has started a collection of growlers and are getting a lot quick, almost one hundred different in this photo.  Just another thing to look at when you are enjoying the beer there.  The growlers are usually on shelves all around the tap room, but they put them all together in the bar area for a recent photo shoot.  They also have a collections of labels and crowns on display.  growler photo