A Sad Canada Day 1916

prohibition ribbon (2)

A ribbon celebrating the first day of prohibition in Alberta.  Sadly a strange form of prohibition lasted until 1924.  There were so many loopholes that few people were without beer if they wanted it, as beer could be imported from Saskatchewan or British Columbia.  Really prohibition just halted drinking in bars and bankrupted a lot of small hotels as a result.  Enjoy Canada Day but remember the sad experiment as well.

New cans from the Edmonton area


Rural route beer can

Neon Cowgirl is from Rural Routes Brewery in Leduc.  A neat design that I think was put out for International Women’s Day and the Pink Boots Society.

sea change beer can

Sea Change Brewery is in Edmonton and quite popular with the artistic set, this label must be for a Gay or transgender event.

Thanks to Millet Keith for sending in the photos.


Calgary stampede collectables

Stampede beer labelWinnipeg Dave sent me a photo of this label that sold for a high price on a US site, it reminded me that I owned a glass with a Stampede logo.

calgary stampede glass (2)

A.E. Cross, the founder of Calgary Brewery was also a key founder of the Calgary Stampede and so there were many cross over items from the two entities. I have seen quite a few different Stampede labels, but this is the only example of a glass that I have run across, if someone else has an example, send me a photo and I will post it.

Calgary soda thermometer

From the 1930’s until the 1970″s beer advertising was banned in Alberta, this meant that breweries had to be creative to get their names out there.  Calgary advertised their brand of soda, most through their ginger ale, but here is an example of their lemon lime brand Plus 4.  The thermometer is made of wood and quite rare.

Plus 4 Calgary Brewery Thermometer 1

Nice Early Edmonton labels

edmonton brewing labels

Four labels from Edmonton’s first brewery, probably pre-1905.  The two on the right are very rare, the only examples known, the two on the left came in a group of seven of each.  All are in private collections now.  These labels are now in a collection in Ontario and the photo was sent in by Edmonton collector, J.R.

An idea that will probably be cancelled


MH brewery tour card

Tourism Medicine Hat had a great idea for this spring.  They had a special bus that was going to take thirsty people to the three breweries in Medicine Hat.  There were two test tours and it looked like it was going to be sucessful.  Sadly the Covid 19 virus has gotten in the way and all breweries in The Hat are only open for off sales.  If this event passes perhaps we will get to experience the tour yet.