Great find at the Lethbridge club show


lethbridge blotter

I rarely find anything I like anymore at antique and collectible shows, but I still go hoping for something good. On the third weekend in October, Terry and I headed to the Lethbridge bottle club show. At the first table I stopped at, I found the Lethbridge blotter I pictured above.  It has to be made between 1924 and 26 and it is a very colorful item.

Old mug and new from Medalta


Hells Basement recently released a limited edition mug from the newest version of Medalta.  Medalta is a Medicine Hat company that started in 1914 and has been closed at least 4 times over the years.  It is once again making limited amounts of items for sale and they made 50 mugs for the Hells Basement Octoberfest party, 2019.  I photographed it with an older Medalta beer mug from the 1930’s for comparison.  The slogan on the old mug is certainly worth mugsbeer mugs 2

Southern Alberta collectibles

lethbridge belt buckle

Another rodeo belt buckle, this one much newer and probably from an amateur rodeo.  It mentions milliliters along with ounces so it was awarded after 1978, but I do not have any other information on this item.

Here is a growler from Oldman River brewing, which is in Lundbreck.  It is great that so many small centers in Alberta are now featuring a brewery,  probably worth a road trip in the future.


oldman river brewery growler