A great light up sign from Calgary

Calgary Ginger Ale Liteup Store Display 1930s to 1940sA wonderful sign that is probably from the late 1940’s.  I have never seen another one so perhaps it was a prototype that was never approved by the government.


Southern Alberta collectibles

lethbridge belt buckle

Another rodeo belt buckle, this one much newer and probably from an amateur rodeo.  It mentions milliliters along with ounces so it was awarded after 1978, but I do not have any other information on this item.

Here is a growler from Oldman River brewing, which is in Lundbreck.  It is great that so many small centers in Alberta are now featuring a brewery,  probably worth a road trip in the future.


oldman river brewery growler

A renewal in an old hobby?

alaskan beer cansWith all new breweries canning their products today, will the hobby of beer can collecting start expanding again?  There are a lot of beautiful cans coming out and these examples are newly released from Alaskan Brewing.  Most breweries in Alberta are canning today, but still using stick on labels, I predict a number of them will switch to lithographed cans in the next few years.